Representative Amy Neighbors Legislative Session Results: State Government

As we continue to review legislation passed in the 2024 Regular Session, this week provides an opportunity to review some of the new laws passed to make state government more efficient and reflective of your priorities. Members of the House State Government Committee deal directly with the policies and administration of state government, including the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. This includes all constitutional officers, the state retirement systems, and Commonwealth’s attorneys and circuit clerks. Here are several of the bills that made their way all the way through the process.

Protecting Property Rights– HB 18 prohibits local governments from requiring landlords accept federal housing assistance program funding. The measure also holds property owners harmless for fees related to emergency response if the emergency was caused by someone else and the owner had not control over it. Emergency.

Ensuring Accountability in Public Pensions – HB 99 makes technical changes to the administration of public pensions in order to ensure accountability and oversight.

Removing a Barrier for the Homeless – HB 100 exempts homeless individuals under the age of 25 from the fee associated with acquiring a copy of his or her birth certificate.

Ensuring Rights for Kentuckians with Disabilities/Frank Huffman Act – HB 214 ensures basic rights for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in order to prevent discrimination, safeguard personal dignity, and advance their interests.

Transitioning Louisville Public Defenders to State System – HB 277 provides guidelines for the transfer of the locally operated system to the Department of Public Advocacy. In addition, HB 6 includes more than $22.2 million to offset the costs of the transition. Emergency.

Addressing Teacher Shortage – HB 354 clarifies that the Department of Education must reimburse the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority for health insurance premiums of retirees who held hazardous positions before July 1, 2003 if the individual is currently employed by a local school board.

Streamlining State Licensing – HB 403 creates the Division of Real Property Boards to oversee the professional licensing of home inspectors, real estate appraisers, and auctioneers. The measure also clarifies guidelines for continuing education and license cancelation.

Ensuring the Kentucky Horse Park Remains Competitive as a Venue – HB 512 provides the Kentucky Horse Park more flexibility in personal service contracts for events.

Clarifying Authority Over Historical Properties – HB 513 clarifies that no statue, monument, or art piece can be installed or removed from permanent display in the State Capitol rotunda without legislative approval.

Providing Closure in Cold Cases – HB 551 allows law enforcement agencies to contract with retired peace officers to assist with unsolved homicide cases that are not the subject of current investigations.

Modernizing Language and Duties within Fish and Wildlife – HB 586 replaces the term “conservation officer” with “game warden” in statutes and relieves the Kentucky State Police of water safety enforcement duties, granting them to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Addressing Illegal Immigration – HR 57 urges the Governor to support Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s attempts to secure the border with Mexico.

Clarifying a Timeline for Accurate Death Examinations – SB 17 establishes a timeline for state coroners to complete examinations and provide information necessary for death certificates.

Recalling Property Tax Recall Elections – HB 58 reduces the number of qualified voters required on the petition committee from five to three and removes the requirement that a petition signer include his or her social security number, replacing it with birth year.

Encouraging Economic Development in the West End of Louisville – SB 259 sets guidelines for board appointment to the West End Opportunity Partnership, a public corporation guiding investments from tax increment financing in the West End of Louisville.

To get an idea of what the House State Government Committee may take up during the 2025 Regular Session, visit the Interim Joint Committee on State Government’s page on the committee page of our website,

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(Laura Leigh Goins, Deputy Chief of Staff for Media Relations – House Majority Leadership)