November 10, 2016

Russell County Sheriff Clete McAninch and Deputies
have been trained to use Naloxone for the emergency
treatment of a known or suspected opioid overdose.

Naloxone HCI, known as NARCAN, is a nasal spray that
counteracts the life-threatening effects of opioid overdose.
Since most accidental overdoses occur in a home setting,
NARCAN was developed for first-responders, as well as
family, friends and caregivers.

Sheriff McAninch and Deputies were trained by Russell County
EMS Paramedic/Instructor Zach Burton on how to administer
NARCAN with a Mucosal Atomization Device (MAD).

The Russell County EMS is providing the training and MAD
devices for all city, county and state law enforcement officers
serving Russell Countians. The training and MAD devices for
law enforcement officers, as well as MAD devices and a one
year supply of NARCAN for the Russell County EMS, is being
paid for through a grant from Partners In Prevention (PIP).

Jeff Hoover’s selection as Speaker of the House was assured
as the new House Republican super majority voted in a caucus
meeting to nominate the veteran laawmaker as their leader.

Hoover, recently elected to his 11th term, has served as the
top Republican Leader since 2001, and will officially be elected
Speaker of the Kentucky House of Representatives on January 3,
2017. Following his record eighth-term election to House
Republican Floor Leader last year, he is the longest serving
Republican Floor Leader in Kentucky’s history. Hoover stands to
continue a long family history of service to Kentucky as both
his father and mother were elected to the same district he
serves, House District 83.



November 5, 2016 Burn ban issued

Adair County Kentucky Executive Order
Open Burning Ban 
Issued 11/05/2016
WHEREAS, KRS 149.401 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes
provides that the County Judge Executive may authorize the
implementation of an open 
burning ban during fire hazard periods;
WHEREAS, the County Judge Executive has determined that a
fire hazard period exists; and 
WHEREAS, until Adair County receives sufficient rainfall to
mitigate the fire hazard period, the ban shall remain in effect. 
NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby ORDERED by Michael Lee Stephens,
Adair County Judge Executive, pursuant to KRS 149.401, that a fire
hazard period exists and an open burning ban will remain in effect
until further notice. Any violation of this open burning ban may subject
to the penalties set forth in KRS 149.990(2).
Michael Lee Stephens, Adair County Judge Executive

November 4, 2016 Injury accident

At approximately 8:00am on 11-04-2016 Deputy
Aaron Rainwater was dispatched to an injury accident
3.5 miles east of Columbia on Edmonton Road. David
Wheat age 23 of Columbia was operating a 1990 Nissan
Pick up when he lost control of his vehicle and ran off
the road over an embankment and struck several trees.
Wheat advised that the collision occurred before day light
at approximately 5:30am but due to his injuries, he was
unable to call for assistance. A nearby neighbor was able
to hear Wheat yelling and called 911. Wheat was treated
on scene by Adair County EMS and was assisted by the
Adair County Fire Department in getting Wheat up the
steep embankment. Also assisting on scene was Sheriff
Harrison Moss, Deputy Josh Durbin, Deputy Joey Keith
and Chief of Police Jason Cross.



November 3, 2016 Quick action saves life of inmate in Adair Co. Jail

The life of an inmate at the Adair County Jail was saved due
to the quick actions of Deputies and Medical staff and a new
drug being used called NARCAN, that is used to reverse the
effects of opioids. A Inmate who was being housed at the
Adair County Jail was booked in on 11-03-2016 at approximately
9:30am. At around 11:00 am Chief Deputy Jailer Eric Antle
noticed something strange with the inmate while delivering him
food to his cell. Chief Antle noticed that the inmate was not
breathing and described his lips as being purple. Chief Antle
immediately notified the on duty nurse who administered
CPR while Antle called 911. Thanks to recent training,
Nurse Rita Bray was able to determine that the inmate had
possibly overdosed prior to his arrival, and administered
NARCAN to him. Nurse Bray said that the NARCAN worked
immediately as she noticed signs of life coming back to the
inmate. The inmate was transported to a local hospital by
EMS and Jailer Joey White for observation. Jailer Joey White
advises that he would like to see in the near future an increase
of Deputies working the floors per shift and all his employees
trained to use NARCAN due to the increase of drug related
incarcerations. Jailer White advises that this is the second
incident NARCAN has been used in his jail and is very pleased
with the results it's provided. Jailer White would like to thank
Chief Deputy Antle, Nurse Bray and EMS for their quick response
and the staff at the Adair County Jail for being observant as well.

November 5, 2016 Russell County Man Charged with Wanton Endangerment

Russell Springs, Ky. (November 5, 2016) – 53-year-old Lonnie Burdine
of Russell Springs, was arrested on November 4, 2016 at 3:51 on Lynch Lane
in Eli.  Burdine was charged with Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree after
an investigation into Burdine firing a rifle into the area where juveniles
were riding bicycles.  Burdine was lodged into in the Russell County Jail.  
Tpr. Nick Hale is investigating.