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Begin your day by being our smartest listeners!  EVERY Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday around day break, 
WAIN 93.5 FM Hot Country will ask a BRAINTEASER question.  If you know the answer to the question, 
enter your information below and your answer in the "Comment" section.  Each Friday at 12:30 p.m. CST
on WAIN, we'll announce the winner for the week of our Brainteaser question. Everyone who submits a correct
answer will be entered to win tickets to the Grand Ole Opry!  Again, listen every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the question, visit here to answer the question, and wait until Saturday to hear if you are a winner!

Thank you to Mid-South Metals of Campbellsville for making us think so early in the morning
and giving you a chance to win tickets!

And your answer is:



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May 30
Shirley York
Kortnei  Kelsey

June 6
Charles Tooley
Chassity Yarberry

June 13
Tonya Stephens

June 20
Martha Lacey        
Dallas York        
Ann Smith          
Becky McClintock

June 27
Debbie Selby
Angel Mullins

July 11
Anita Vanarsdale
Melissa Gullion
Kristy Davis
Shirley York

July 18
Joyce Kelley
Carol Johnson
Donna Parnell
Robin Willis

July 25
Eric Dial
Darren Turner
Matt Sabo
Sandra Denton
August 1
Candace Petty
Kim Penick
Charlene Cowan
Allison Burris
August 8
Ruby Burton
Annette Rowe
Corey Harmon 
August 15    
Courtney Edwards 
Brooklyn Popplewell
Janie McFarland
Stacey Miller       
August 22
Peggy Tarter
Deborah Bryant
Hailey Judd
August 29
Brooklyn Popplewell
Felicia Parnell
Chris Gilbert
Carolyn Benard
September 5
Rylee Bennett
Lisa Hayes
Samantha Bryant
Allan Corbin
September 12
Michele Miller
Seth Brider
Steve Gadberry
Shirley York


Contest Rules

Click HERE for the WAIN Contest rules.




McDonald's Breakfast Winners! Country Music Trivia!!!

September 1 Erica Hall
September 5 Chris Gilbert
September 6 Marlene Clark
September 7 Sherry Wilson
September 8 Dana Kurk
September 11 Marla Jo Corbin
September 12 McKenzie Withers
September 13 Donna Parnell
September 14 Nancy Cundiff
September 15 Brooke Downey
September 18 Becca McClintoch
September 19 Deborah Bryant
September 20 Sue Fulwider
September 21 Martha Foster
September 22 Jacob Parnell


Jones Family Restaurant Birthday Winners!!

September 1 Becky Keith
September 5 Emily Roach
September 6 Lucy Helm
September 7 Lakeisha Murrell
Septemeber 8 Ruby Burton
September 11 Trevor Foster
September 12 Dana Taylor
September 13 Brian Brown
September 14 Rannie Bell
September 15 Nadeen Baker
September 18 Matthew Corbin
September 19 Dillion Godsey
September 20 Melissa Moore
September 21 Shermin Burton
September 22 Danielle Lawhorn

Jones Family Restaurant Anniversary Club Winners 


September 6 Dwight & Katherin Hadley
September 7 Jeff & Mikki Page
September 8 Joe & Doris King
September 11 Mark & Carla Baker
September 12 Kenny & Tammy England
September 13 Carla & Lonnie Burton
September 15 Brandon & Jennifer Havis
September 18 Raymond & Amanda Watson
September 20 Robin & Kenny Snith
September 21 Joshua & Amy Brockman
Bucks To A Benjamin
August 22 Matthew Wilson
August 23 Becca McClintoch
August 24 Tracy Simpson
August 25 Donna Parnell
August 28 Samantha Bryant
August 29 Tiffeny Foley
August 30 Ashlee Bennett
August 31 Brittany Ford
September 1 Martha Foster
September 5 Josh Parnell
September 6 Amanda Hamlet
September 7 Anita
September 8 Louis Firkins
September 11 Felicia
September 12 Dallas York
September 13 Nancy Cundiff
September 14 Jerrica Barnett
September 15 Ashley Lackey
September 18 Shirley York
September 19 Samantha Bryant
September 20 Marshall Burton
September 21 Lindsey Bryant
September 22 Sandy Wallace

Grand Ole' Opry Ticket Winners
August 4 Tiffany Foley
August 18 Danny Brockman
August 25 Sandy Crawhorn
September 1 Tina Parson
Septmeber 8 Annette Rowe
September 15 Sarahy Butcher